Hunter Kissel


I primarily work in two-dimensions. I like creating space where none exist. I like building a window for the viewer.
When I draw, paint, or print, I address arbitrary consumption. That is, my ideas come from the things we consume without knowing. When I create, I make my product stand for something. Likewise, it assumes and confronts. It understands the importance of a clear sense of the past. I make my art familiar. 
My work is deliberately ambiguous. It is interpretive and conversational. It works best when it is adept while still offering both a challenge and a solution. My work is meta; strongest when it restructures meaning and function while being self referential. 
As an artist, I am aware of the irony that exists in both product and process. When I create, my intentions are self-reflective, but the result is inclusive. Often times the viewer is my subject, disguised as shared knowledge and secrets between them and myself. The final product is a kind of community, compounded into a rectangle on a wall. 
My work aggressively searches for cohesion. It is carefully molded with quick-tempoed and passionate gesture. It creates conversations in vermillion and saffron. It wants to relate.
My work is my being, waiting to be taken in and thought upon, considered, and discouraged. 

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